About Meal One

MealOne started as an idea to fill a need. As we looked around the Tidewater area, there seemed to be something missing. What was missing? Restaurants that made everything from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. With 25 years in the restaurant industry and a passion for fresh food made from scratch, the concept of MealOne was born. Because breakfast is, indeed, the most important meal of the day, we decided to start there, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. When you start your day with MealOne, you are going to get delicious American food with a southern twist. We take pride in everything we do so you can be sure your meal will be made just for you from fresh, local ingredients. Nothing frozen, nothing pre packaged, only fresh food prepared by us that day.


While looking around, we also noticed that the only places in town to watch sports were sports bars. Sports bars can be great, but they are not necessarily the environment everyone wants to be in while enjoying their favorite game. So we have added large projector screens for all the big games, so you can eat a great meal and enjoy watching your favorite teams in the family-friendly comfort of MealOne. Enjoy our made from scratch MealOne Sub or our deep fried baby back ribs while you watch and let our professional and friendly staff take care of you.


Stop by and find out why MealOne is the most important meal of the day.